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Lasek Eye Surgery Side Effects

Lasek Eye Surgery Side Effects are fatal for the eyes and it is advised to consult the doctor on a priority basis, the most common type of surgery is refractive surgery, which is also called laser eye surgery which changes the shape of your transparent tissue known as (cornea) at the front of your eye.

what is lasik eye surgery

#Lasek Eye Surgery side effects.

Lasik eye surgery helps to make permanent changes in the shape of your cornea. In order to increase your chances of improving your vision and prevents you from depending on the glasses and contact lenses.

You might need a surgery to correct your vision. Lasik is a procedure where a laser is used to reshape the cornea, by making it clear, round the dome in your front eye to make improvements the way your eyes focus to the light rays that go through into the retina.

It has been seen that often time people are feeling redness in their eyes or some are born with poor eyesight, thanks to this latest eye surgery technology all your eye problems can be solved where people have to go through a lot of surgeries using blades too cut their eyes and they suffer the severe consequence.

People are afraid to go for these types of surgeries where the risk rate is very high. But now it can all be done by using a laser.

#What’s The Procedure For Minimising Lasek Eye Surgery Side Effects?what is lasik eye surgery and how does it work

This procedure is performed by the ophthalmologists, medical doctors who are specializes in eye surgical treatments.

We have outlined some general procedures such as,

First, an anesthetic eye drops as being applied to your eyes.

Lasik surgeon makes a protective flap in order to access in the inner corneal tissue.

During the procedure, your vision will become blurry and dims for one minute. After the flap is created you can see the flashing fixation bright light rays of the laser that is used for this procedure.

Then the inner layer of the cornea receives a computer controlled by laser light. The lasers make sometimes a clicking noise and gently reshape the inner cornea layer.

Do not move your eyes during the procedure or you can lose your eye in an instant. This is an eye tracking device that tracks to makes sure your precision is correct.

After the reshaping of the inner tissue, the surgeon carefully aligns and repositions the flap in its original position. A protective shield cover is placed over your eye and rubs it so the flap sign is healed securely and naturally.

After the surgery procedure, most patients feel discomfort and irritation for some hours, but after a nap and rest, they can feel comfortable again.

what is lasik eye surgery cost

#Suitable Age For what is Lasek eye surgery

Should be 18 or 21years old at least, because the vision may continue to change people who are younger than 18.
Shouldn’t go through this procedure if the patient is pregnant because it might affect the eye measurements.
Do not go through this procedure if the patient taking some prescribed drugs or medicines like prednisone or CARDONE.
The eye should be healthy and well prescribed for the procedure.
Should be in good health, this procedure is not suitable for diabetes, lupus, or infected eye patient.

#what is The Cost Of Lasek eye surgery?

For minimising the LASIK eye surgery side effects consider your eye option and it surgery of one eye will cost you approx. $2,110.

These are the facts about what is Lasik eye surgery. After all, it is all about keeping your eye health and preventing it from getting more damage.

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